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The inaugural Thames Valley Social Media Cafe will be on 13th March 2009 from 10AM at Workhouse Coffee, 335 Oxford Road, Reading RG30 1AY. See the Google map(external link). (There’s a review of Workhouse Coffee here(external link))


  1. Neville Hobson @jangles(external link) / Blog(external link)
  2. Matt Brady @mattbrady(external link) / Blog(external link)
  3. Emma Wilkinson @emmawilkinson(external link)
  4. Andy Piper @andypiper(external link) (hopefully!)
  5. Drew Benvie @drewb(external link) / Blog(external link)
  6. Adrian Moss @adrianmoss(external link) / Blog(external link)
  7. Nicky Davis @nickydavis(external link)
  8. Barney Carroll @barneycarroll(external link) / link)
  9. Steve Lamb @actionlamb(external link) / Blog(external link)
  10. Catherine Warrilow @warrilowpr(external link)Blog(external link)


  1. Alan Bradburne @alanb(external link) / Blog(external link) – going to try my best to make it
  2. John McGarvey @johnmcg(external link) / Blog(external link) – I’ll be there if I can.
  3. James Norris @jamesnorris(external link) / Blog(external link)
  4. Dan Benton @dogsbodyorg(external link)
  5. Mark Taylor @mickaroony(external link) / Blog(external link) – hope to make this event
  6. Sarah Blow @GirlyGeekdom(external link) / Blog(external link) – hoping to pop down after a meeting in Reading but not sure how long it will be on for.
  7. Abigail Harrison @AbigailH(external link) / Blog(external link) – hoping to come along. Such a great idea.
  8. Saqib Shaikh @SaqibS(external link) Really glad to see such an event come to Reading, but not sure if I can get the morning off work this week.

Not This Time…

If you are interested, but unable to make the next day, add your name here…

  1. Benjamin Ellis @BenjaminEllis(external link) / blog(external link)- Sadly in South by South West, well, not that sadly, but see you at the next one!
  2. Jon Ingham (Bracknell) @joningham(external link) / blog(external link)- Travelling back from Phoenix, AZ that morning but hope to attend future meets.
  3. Keely @icicle_halo_(external link) – Next time, honest!
  4. Katharine Robinson @TheSourceress(external link) My Blog(external link) – Change of plans in the office this week and I now can’t make it – Will be there next time.
  5. Simon Cobb @psimon(external link) / Blog(external link) – I’ll have to try again next time
  6. @porridgelady looking forward to making it next time
  7. @folknology(external link) Blog(external link) Definitely interested in the next meeting


There isn’t WiFi at Workhouse does any one have a 3G to WiFi box they could bring along? (like this(external link)) – BenjaminEllis.

Blogged reviews

  1. Andy(external link)
  2. Catherine(external link)
  3. Drew(external link)
  4. John(external link)
  5. Matt(external link)
  6. Neville(external link)
  7. Adrian(external link)

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