Thames Valley Social Media Community

Great minds from the Valley sharing their experiences with Social Media and business – The Thames Valley that is – the UK’s M3/M4 technology corridor. Everyone is welcome. Come meet and mingle. You’ll get to know some interesting people, in an environment where it’s ok to ask why Twitter users tweet and bloggers blog, and what it means for business, if anything.

Here, Ben Nunney explains what it is a little further: Social Media Cafe Boo

Want in? Anyone is welcome to just turn up – there can be anywhere between 5 and 30 folk, depending on the time of year, who drop in and out as time allows during the morning. Conversations are fluid, usually humorous and you will never fail to leave having learnt something important or meet somebody interesting.

The Thames Valley Social Media Community (@tvsmc / #tvsmc on twitter & on LinkedIn) is an opportunity for those in the Thames Valley/M3/M4 corridor to meet, exchange knowledge and make connections. Inspired by Lloyd Davis’ London Social Media Cafe (aka Tuttle Club), it’s an open association of people exploring the interactions between the on-line and off-line world – specifically around social (and digital) media. The meetings provide an open exchange between people in businesses that work in and with social media, as well as people just getting to grips with the exciting possibilities.

The Thames Valley Social Media Cafe attracts people from Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and beyond. TVSMC Meetings are on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month and alternate between locations in the area (usually Reading and Farnborough). Drop in anytime after 10am- folks drop in and out and some will be there into lunchtime.

On the first Thursday of the month we meet in the foyer of the  Village Hotel  in Farnborough, and on the third Thursday in  Alto Lounge in Caversham, Reading. (Alto Lounge: 32/32a Church Street, Caversham, Reading RG4 8AU).

If you want to know who will be there on any given week, just tweet on the #tvsmc hashtag, or better still, drop by! If you’d like to meet up in a different location or on a different day, why not just tweet and see who will join you – folks are usually up for a coffee if they’re free!

You can keep up with updates either by subscribing to a page or following the blog (via RSS), or @TVSMC on Twitter.


Happy meeting up!
-Benjamin and Caalie

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